Rice and Spice and Everything Nice

I was starving today, but a day before my paycheck and with not much in the pantry, I was forced to improvise. This is what I eventually came up with, using what I had on hand. It's pretty spicy, just the way I like things. I only wish I'd had a can of black beans handy, since I think it needed a bit more of a bite to it.

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Protecting a Personal Mailbox With MXGuardDog

I recently created a mail server at DigitalOcean, primarily to gain some firsthand experience with configuring such a system directly. However, I was losing the battle against spam, and losing it badly. I had tried enabling SpamAssassin, and while that did help block some of the more obvious messages, it wasn't blocking as much spam as I'd like. In desperation, I decided to try using an external spam blocker service.

After going through a short

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